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  1. Hi! I need some ideas to solve problem with "virus signature database failed". I haven't got access to my remote mirror server, but I can confirm that other 62 client computers update normally without problem. I've got newly installed win7 x64 and eset endpoint 2237 (last one, tried also 2229 version) application has never successfully updated, try to reinstall some times, clear cache, delete updfiles/charon and em0**32/64.dat files. Updating loads normally till 21/21 of udpfile then get it failed, server adress is correct like other settings normal. What ideas? Could be problem with local user/computer server options management, as computer is not set on local domain or maybe any other policy settings on server as could block update..license is also not necesary as it's mirror update...also hear issues with low energy network cards, maybe shoud try replace it with other , problems with software or any drivers maybe(everest installed) as diagnose logs get some error: Update Updater: retval = 0x1105, failures: 8 NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Update Updater: compile error 0 NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Update Updater: Switch DEVEL modules retval = "somenumber forget" As I said in upper text, i have not access to any of server administration, i only install and configure windows, but i'm not sure if the ERA could be problem cause other working computers update fine. Tjanks for Ideas, Cheers
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