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  1. It had resolved itself awhile ago and then started up yesterday with the same error you're getting Jester.
  2. Oddly enough, it has been working since Jan 22nd. I don't know what changed, certainly nothing I did. Thanks for your help Marcos.
  3. Okay Marcos. I'll work on this and get back to you.
  4. I really like NOD32 as well. I hope there's some fix for this issue.
  5. Disabling SSL/TLS scanning doesn't make a difference. Adjusting update to pre release doesn't help either. Pausing antivirus will enable me to sync my mail in Windows 10 mail. (I'm not getting notification of replies to this thread).
  6. A variant of win32/Spy.keylogger.ODN Trojan from Nalco Canada. It was deleted from the in box. It was never opened, and then it was deleted it out of the deleted folder.
  7. I had an incoming email that was detected as a threat and therefore not opened. It shows in the log files as being detected. Do I have to do anything else besides delete the email?
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