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  1. yes ESET uninstaller in safe mood but it gives me the same result as in normal way which is nothing ...
  2. I deleted it in safe mood but without any result , it's refuses removing some key files I don't know why & also creating issues with key files when the installer began copying files , I posted images of that msgs but didn't appeared in the post I don't know why ..... Direct links for images hxxp://www.m5zn.com/newuploads/2014/12/01/jpg//17effe62bbe52db.jpg hxxp://www.m5zn.com/newuploads/2014/12/01/jpg//13dcd17db34bdad.jpg hxxp://www.m5zn.com/newuploads/2014/12/01/jpg//e84d21eb234fef5.jpg
  3. I'm facing this error (analysis of applications protocols (HTTP,POP3,IMAP) will not function) since installing eset smart security 8 on my windows xp sp3 also stoped the updating of virus signature of the antivirus with unknown error (unducomented serious error 0X1106) , I had face some errors on installing it allso where I pressed (ignore) on some stages of installing because it didn't let the installer to procide on ... so can guide me please what if this version copatible on win xp sp3 or not & also please guide me to an stable version on xp sp3 ,,, thanks in advance
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