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  1. 5. Is the Eset authenticator safe against screen recording attack or an attack by type of opening the auth's Form in background and read the auth code ?
  2. Dear ESET I'm considering to use the ESET Authenticator instead of other auth app but I have some question related to security: 1. Does authentiactor app connect to internet ? If yes, in which cases it connects to internet ? 2. Will Eset provide access to autenticator data to third parties (Police, Federal, Government) when requested ? 3. Is possible to recover OAUTH data from the app, from the android database or other way or migrate/clone the auth items to other Eset Auth ? ... (i hope it is not possible in Eset) 4. Gnerally, do you assert that Eset Auth is more secure or at least safe as Google Auth ? Thank you very much
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