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  1. @JavierSeguraNA: In my personal firewall log, there are only a lot of entries saying "Incorrect length UDP-packet". I cannot find the instance there. While typing this though, another one came in: hxxp://oi60.tinypic.com/n4w6d4.jpg This is a dutch version but it saids: Application: System Publisher: Unknown Reputation: Not available Remote computer: 198-46-154-58-host.colocrossing.com ( Local Port: 80 (http) And another one while typing the translation: hxxp://oi57.tinypic.com/2zthlk1.jpg @rugk: I'm not able to reproduce the incoming traffic, hence the title "random"
  2. Hello, Lately I get these random pop-ups from my Eset smart security (which is in interactive mode, hence the pop-ups) asking me if I want to allow incoming traffic on port 80. I've tried reading up on the internet for port 80 intrusions, but incoming traffic on port 80 only seems to be natural when running a server of some sort, which I'm not. (correct me if this information is wrong, though..) The external adresses from which the connections are coming seem totally random and do not ring any bells. Have you guys got any idea what this might be? Thanks, Zaza
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