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    Rusty_HomeUser received kudos from FranceBB in ESET 8 for Linux has a totally useless User Interface   
    Hi @Marcos  
    I'm a single license home user of ESET NOD32 antivirus for Linux Desktop (on Linux Mint 20.2), with a 2 year ESET NOD32 license which began this year and now told the product is ending next year (August 3, 2022) before the 2 years has completed. I'm in the same situation as and agree with the posts/replies of @FranceBB, @IsNotACatNamedGeorge, @czesetfanand @azeu666. I have received the same or very similar emails they described and been provided with new license key(s) for ESET 8.  One email suggests I install Endpoint remotely and yet I'm a a home user, not a business user running multiple machines on a network. Seems like I'm receiving emails intended for business users running networked machines or managing employees computers. On August 4, I received two almost identical emails (same body text), yet with different subject titles, different license keys, different expiration dates and the license keys are for 5 seats (not a single home user). So it looks like not only have I received emails intended for business users about EOL for NOD32, I've also been sent at least one license key for a different user with an expiration date which doesn't match the date of 2 years from the start of my single home user license. If this is confusing you, try imagine how I felt lol. The emails suggest I install Endpoint without Protect, yet the website page providing a guide for the upgrade/replacement (titled [KB7911] Migrate from ESET NOD32 Antivirus for Linux Desktop to ESET Endpoint Antivirus for Linux) suggests I get Protect free of charge. Yet one user here is saying Protect costs 380Euros, which is a big jump from the 45GBP I paid this year for NOD32 for 2 years. There's also no way I can appear to use Protect as a single home user from the guide, it looks like I only get Endpoint which as other users here have pointed out, Endpoint doesn't do much without Protect or without some controls, which it doesn't yet have. You say it is yet to have a manual on-demand scan added. Seems way too early, from a customer service point of view,  to be asking home users to switch if it is such a downgrade.  You also say that:
    I thought the "32" in NOD32 made it look legacy for 32-bit (when most people like myself have been using 64-bit for over a decade).  Yet the latest online reviews/articles I read at the start of 2021 for best Linux antivirus/security software (paid) for home users all suggested that ESET NOD32 is the best or highly recommended. What you've said suggests something completely different, it sounds like NOD32 for Linux isn't maintained properly, was developed years ago and is unable to keep up with current threat development, therefore it's not good security software? 
    I'm going to look for alternative software because Endpoint is not what I'm looking for, unless it changes or unless the Protect software is explained better than in its current support guide/format, which looks like it is written for IT/system managers. I'm worried from the description and guides for Endpoint that it might be accessed remotely by someone else (not good for privacy) and that I have little to no control over it compared to NOD32's security options.  I imagine you have lots of Linux ESET NOD32 home users who wouldn't want to use Endpoint as standalone software in its current form. I don't know if every other home user received the emails I have done (for business users and two sets of wrong license details) or it they were a mistake? I definitely don't want to upgrade to Endpoint in its current form and agree with others comments in this thread (about ESET 8/Endpoint for home users). I think it would have been better if Linux NOD32 home users, such as myself, were instead sent emails explaining that you are no longer going to support Linux home users from August 2, 2022, and perhaps to offer a refund for the license period remaining after that date.
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