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  1. Systems are up, captain I was wondering, is there anybody who can help us from Eset Team regarding to this issue?
  2. Interesting how it gives an alert after a day and not immediately - the realtime protection doesn't detect anything and what I think is happening is the scheduled startup scan is detecting it instead as it scans through. I can download the dmg without warning, open it without warning... It's only when I set a custom scan on the dmg or leave it on the Mac to let the scheduled scan run that it either comes up with this window, or just logs with 2 infected files and nothing actually done. Also find it strange that it can't be moved to quarantine either... scan.jpg The same thing happened to me, too. You are right, it's kinda interesting.
  3. Thank you for the answer. I did. When I install Utorrent on my Windows, I decline the bundled things but there isn't any option on the mac to decline, so I think they don't do it on the Mac OS. So there isn't any sign of any kind of adware (including browsers and pc itself.) So it's a normal thing and isn't something related to trojans or keyloggers? I won't format my mac then.
  4. I've downloaded Utorrent from its official website and installed it on my Mac, but after a day, Eset gave me a warning states that Utorrent.dmg is "dangerous", and I followed the standard procedure and deleted it. To make a test, I downloaded Utorrent from its official website and Eset deleted it again. Here is the image: hxxp://i.imgur.com/k01XHxM.png "a variant of OSX/Adware.Spigot.A Application Should I worry?
  5. Hi, When I open the Eset Cyber Security Pro's GUI, I see a warning states that "we recommend that you disable your other firewall to prevent possible performance issues". Should I click on that text?
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