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  1. Updated information for memory usage: There has 3 proccess related to Eset. Our computer has 32G memory and Eset would use one third of it. Not sure if we configure something wrong or how could I solve the problem
  2. Hi Marcos Thanks for your reply. The situation is like this our application version is 8.1.30 and the operation system is Ubuntu. If we have the Eset Endpoint running then the usage of memory by Eset would be more than 10%. If we have other applications running at the same time then the memory will be used more than 95% so the system would be very slow. Some of our workstations even crashed. If we kill the Eset process or uninstall Eset our computer can work normally.
  3. Eset endpoint security application uses too much memory and CPU and when I run other applications at the same time then the computer would be crashed. If I uninstall the Eset application then it's back to normal. How could I solve the problem?
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