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  1. Hi Can you tell me how to run ESMC API server? We want to have possibility to get report over API too
  2. Our organization experiencing same issue, both versions 8.0.3 and 8.1.3 affected. 8.1.3 has bad performance and slow down machine during a day 8.0.3 with kernel >5.8 occurs filling /dev/shm storage then crashes of all running applications. around 100 Ubuntu 20.04 machines affected. We need this fixed ASAP. We have raised trouble ticket on support and got answer: Thank you for your patience. We've been informed both bugs are known. The current workaround is to disable the RTFS functionality or disable and enable it everytime the issue occurs. We are fully aware that this isn't desirable. I will inform you as soon as we know when a new build is available. For now it looks like the new release will take place in September.
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