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  1. Ok, finally got it. Got into ADVANCED SETUP, then in the lower left hand corner is a button called "Default." Once I used that to do a reset all was fixed.
  2. Ok now have version 14.2.24 showing and still chrome is blocked by the firewall. Disable of firewall resolves Chrome issue.
  3. Looks like this will require I uninstall and reinstall eset. I downloaded 12.2.23 and it refused to install since eset is already installed.
  4. Ok yes, that machine is on 14.2.19 Checking for updates in the software gives no results for update. Is there a way to manually update this? My other computers that are working just fine are on version 14.2.23
  5. Chrome browser states Antivirus or Firewall blocking website (all websites). No blocked applications showing in Network Protection. Tried setting to automatic mode. Did not work. Did reset of firewall. This worked for a time then was blocked again in 24 hours. Only disable or pause of firewall allows Chrome to access internet.
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