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  1. i say that it is possible because i see that after installing program i saw that proxy server and excluded website is modify in my Eset Software! i will send you this program for see this but i want to know how do this if i send to you this then you can help to me for this way ?
  2. I know this! but i see the program that do it automatic without that user see the importing ! how they can do it when can not edit registry ?
  3. thank you for your answer but I have some problem how can I disable self-defense with registry? and have a way that do import registry with out restarting windows? please attention I don't want use Eset Remote Administrator and I want use a program to import config automatically because my users don't know anything about config! also I see a installation program that edit config without restarting windows I can not edit registry of nod because it show me error that can not edit it please help me thank you
  4. Hi to all i have a problem with my user i need a programm to import configure automatically to Eset Smart Security , because some of my user don't know how edit config of eset smart security i want to creat a program with registry or visual basic that do this work automatic , then user have no problem anyone can help me here ? Thank you for your Answer
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