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  1. I once gave another user rights to use ESET. He installed it on a separate machine. Since ESET does not allow a simple Password Change, is it possible to disable that person's ability to use the product, beginning with updates?
  2. Not that unbelievable given that a different registration email address was used. By calling ESET, LLC you would have resolved it within minutes while tackling the issue here required communication between the US and Europe (Slovakia). 1. WHO logs onto the ESET forum knowing they are suddenly dealing with ESET Slovakia?! 2. The original reason PW was changed to begin with, was to remove usage by a 3rd party. 3. CHANGING the PW is like pulling suckers off an Octopus. 4. Then, out of nowhere, a month later, ESET ceases updating and (new) PW ceases to function. 5. ESET then sends user on
  3. After ALL of that, ESET finally provided the ORIGINAL password. Unbelievable waste of time and energy.
  4. 1. I have paid my subscription through 2016. 2. My correct address for a PW reset has been sent to ESET via NUMEROUS methods at least 6 times. 3. My User Name: EAV-30880562 Please send correct link or PW to the address given. My last interaction w/ ESET occurred on 12-8-14. I allowed an ESET Tech to take control of my PC and we changed the PW. It worked fine until 12-29-14, when for unknown reasons, the virus signature database ceased to update. After numerous attempts, I was finally provided with a link to enable me to try to "clear the cache". I followed this protocol. It did not work. At
  5. I have sent correct address to you, Marcos, via your "send message" profile. Waiting. 1:17PM 1-7-2014
  6. Marcos, I note that I can not PM you by hovering cursor over "ESET Moderators" above. Need to get correct eMail address to you. Suggestions? Or do you already have: marc.....y@yahoo.com? ?!
  7. That is NOT an active, effective address for me. I have now sent the CORRECT address some 5+ times. I will PM you the CORRECT address...
  8. ?! Cancelled in mid 2014?!!! It ceased working on 12/29/14... I went through an ENTIRE reset of the PW, handing control of the operation over to an ESET Tech person on 12/8/14... What is going on? 12:45 PM 1-7-15. Still nothing- except this confusing feedback. I am paid up through 2016.
  9. Next day. 9:45 am EST. Still waiting for an eMail with new PW info...PLEASE assist Thankyou! "....This has been assigned Case #1263501...." Marc
  10. From eMail adress provided: CB530: Hi Marc, If you have already sent this information to Marcos, it is best if we allow him to work on retrieving your credentials. I do apologize for the confusion, but it's best that we don't have more than one person make changes to your account. ------- Thank you. Also evidently, this has been assigned Case #1263501. I look forward to assistance, asap. Marc
  11. To confirm: I have now PM'd both Marcos (above) as well as CB530 (ESET Staff) above.
  12. Correct eMail address has been submitted!!! I do not have access to "original eMail address". That account has been closed > 1 year and I have relocated. I have submitted ESET eMail address to use in FORM PROVIDED- TWICE. Thank you.
  13. How do I PM you Marcos ?! CB530... I will try the link you posted above...
  14. NOTE: There WAS an ESET reply to this topic, -which has disappeared [?!?], leaving only my comments above. The ESET response was for me to go to this link, and follow directions: hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN2388 Which I did. Assistance please anyone? Thank you. Marc
  15. Over an hour goes by, ESET claims this is the period it may take to eMail me- no eMail is sent. Experienced this before. Where do we go from here and with whom?
  16. OK: Submitted a moment ago... Got: Thank You Your username and password will be emailed to you shortly. Also, I followed procedures to clear the cache and re-tried. Nothing.
  17. To be specific, virus sig update ceased working after: Update 10942P (20141229) 2014-12-29 Product shows: 8.0.304.0
  18. I'm paid up into '16. ESET is not updating- box comes up w/ correct user name: EAV- 8 digits Also, correct PW. I re-entered both, nothing happens, box pops up again. Assistance please anyone? Back on 12/8/14, went through long process to change password and has worked since then. Now, suddenly this.
  19. No, and thanks for your follow through! Will try your "also" above- Sure would appreciate it if ESET would use it to assist with this! Marc www.linkedin.com/in/mvmusa/
  20. Thank you Tomface... Have done this before...and no email ever arrives to assist with PW re-set process...pretty disconcerting
  21. I am running ESET as admin, and have paid for it two or three years running... Upon a backup CD package rcvd. May 2, 2014, I correctly wrote my original User Name: EAV-followed by 8 digits and Password: 6 followed by 5 letters, 3 numbers and a letter It does not work- honestly can't remember IF perhaps I may have changed the !@#$ password OR if another person I enabled to lisc. (I had 2) may have?! Now, when I go to temporarily disable or anything else requiring a UN and PW, I'm stuck! Can someone please assist me? Thank you.
  22. Rugk- PLEASE provide simple, direct explanation for HOW to send a screenshot and I will immediately comply. Please forgive my ignorance, am not a computer technician or anything of the sort. I did however, go to the place indicated by your screenshot, above: The "Require full administrator rights...etc" box IS and has been checked! Further, as I noted that previously I did not have the "Password protect" box checked, I went ahed just now and supplied a password. This had no effect upon the underlying issue.* Also, in addition to the information already supplied (latest update of ESET produ
  23. Thank you. However- I am admin on this machine and owner/registrar of ESET Smart Security.... I am updated and using latest update of your product: "7.0.317.4" My "Custom Scan" option does NOT offer "Scan As Administrator". Otherwise, my screen appears just as your screenshot looks above... ?!...I am using MS Windows 7. Nothing unusual. Please assist. Thank you!
  24. Am attempting to follow prior advice regarding consistent blue "opening error" messages in log.... I do not see "Scan As Administrator" offered as an option on my screen, under "Custom Scan"! Only "Scan" or "Cancel"....on lower right and "Save" lower left. ADVICE? I am the administrator on this machine and am also the purchasor and person registered as owner of of ESET Smart Security...I have already unloaded and re-loaded the product. Assist please? Thank you. Marc
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