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    Oh, my, GOD... Seriously? ONE post PER day!!? 0.o
    I am trying to get some help for this issue, and I am allowed one post per 24 hours??
    That's just... I'm flabbergasted to be brutally truthful.

    How are we supposed to answer to support threads?
  1. Hi, Firstly sorry for the delays my end. Been very busy. Secondly, yes a post limit is in place and I couldn't reply for 24 hours. Lastly, I rebooted the PC several times and nothing changed, suddenly - overnight, it just stopped. Bearing in mind this was affecting Windows Explorer too.... I thought I'd try updating to the latest Nvidia BETA drivers.....it worked. It's since stopped. Now jitter or lag when using windows in all areas of windows and no lag in games either. It was very bad. So I don't know if there's a connection, if ESET somehow is video card dependant or utilises so
  2. Hi all, I've been using Nod32 for many years now and have never had a single issue - until now. I renewed my license as usual, but also ran an update too. Sine then my oh my, Windows Explorer itself is slow, and as for gaming... utterly dreadful. I use my PC for work as well as gaming - kids use it too so some games such as Batman or War Thunder which I happen to play are shocking affected. I've increased my GPU core clock to try and get around it, no chance... I've temporarily disabled Nod32 and all games et al work flawlessly as before - as in we are talking last week... Sine
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