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  1. Yes, peteyt is spot on. This is exactly what I am checking on to see if ESET Password Manager supports, or plans on supporting in the future, storing and using OPT/2FA/Biometric tokens (in an encrypted fashion). References provided below for two other vendors which I use. From what I can tell in my testing today ESET Password Manager does not seem to provide this feature. If so perhaps I am just overlooking it? Reference (Keeper): https://docs.keeper.io/user-guides/tips-and-tricks/protecting-totp-codes Reference (MYKI): https://myki.com/app/features/autofill-2fa
  2. Hi Marcos, thanks for your reply. I believe the other password managers I mentioned utilize a secret key, encrypted of course, to store the authorizations. It's an extremely useful feature that keeps one from having to constantly switch between apps. Let me know if that doesn't make sense.
  3. I am testing ESET Password Manager and really enjoy the features so far. However for sites/apps that require an MFA code is there a way to store these inside of the Password Manager account for the site/app? Or is this perhaps a feature being considered in a future update? An example of this feature would be seen in other password manager apps such as Keeper Security, MYKI, 1Password, etc. Thanks for any information you could provide.
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