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  1. Logs are attached here. (ELC_logs.zip). I am well aware about EEA's EOL but thing is it ain't detected that ransomware. I am not able to install anything on that PC . i can't find a workaround except a clean OS installation which is really not an option for me. Plus i have a ton of encrypted data on a 2nd HDD that was attached. There definitely would be a solution, it's ain't a new kinda ransomware.
  2. I have a windows 7 PC with ESET Endpoint antivirus V5.0.2214.4, everything was working fine till yesterday eve. When I had logged into my pc today morning I have found an extra (local) admin account on logon screen, no logon pictures. upon signing in countered a warning txt file stating my system is attacked and files are decrypted. asked me to come onto tox.chat for discussion. encrypted file names are like = filename.[04C55B56].[.]makop Guide me what to do now?
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