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  1. Hello! Can I get a statement please?! Why did ESET distribute valid user data? Who is effected? And why does the German support still not renew my password?
  2. Hello, today I received a mail with an advertisement for ESET Multi-Device Security. It includes a different users mail and licence data (user name and password). At first, I thought this is a phishing mail, but it did not ask to validate any account data or so. Then, on a different PC, I tried the licence data with NOD32, and it turns out that the account works. Can I get a statement please: Is this phishing? If not, how could I get the licence data of another person? And more interestingly, I want to know immediately: Did anyone receive MY username and password??!? Best regards Nazze PS: Find screenshot attached PPS: I uninstalled NOD32 with that particular licence data.
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