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    Wozz received kudos from j-gray in ESET Network Protection Proxy and Big Sur   
    On a Mac/Big Sur  ( using Eset C/S Pro ) An issue with WEB/MAIL not activating I found that ESET Network Protection Proxy , required me to tick the connect on demand box 'every time' the computer was started. ( its found in the apple icon "system preferences/network"  )
    I was running Surfshark VPN on WireGuard so I changed the Surfshark setting back to Automatic IKEv2 , this solved the problem of the WEB/EMAIL protection failing to start after a reboot. (I no longer need to tick the sys pref/network)
    I tried it again with WireGuard on and the issue returned so theres definitely a conflict between the VPN and ESET there may be other conflicts however this fixed my issue.
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