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  1. Ey colleagues, i'm contacting with you searching a solution than i didn't find on the FAQ's. With Eset installed on a high school network, the client can't download anything from the GoogleDrive websiste receiving a "network error" message from the Google Chrome app. Few months ago the problem was detected only with the GoogleDrive downloads with the Google Chrome explorer but there was no problem at all with Explorer o Edge, downloading any size without poblem . Nowadays it's impossible to download anything with that service with any web navigator and it's important because we are users of the GSuite for education. After investigate the problem, the reason is the AntiRansomware plug-in in Eset; if we deactivate it the network error dissapears and no problem at all. There's any way of create an exception on the Ransomware plug-in? Any other solution? We can't and don't want for any reason to disable for all the computers of students or teachers to disable antiransomware function. Thank's.
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