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  1. Well, i guess the seller got me.... Thanks for your help so far.
  2. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1s04yw_MeEyObXtbq6zlb5Jd0piNzkrnq/view?usp=sharing There you go !
  3. Hi everyone, sorry for the delay on my part, life is kind of a mess theses days.. I did install smart security premium, gave it the activation key, and hurra it's installed, saying the license expires in 2022, all cool there, but when i try to update it says error during update, please check your license. I don't really know what do to do here 😕
  4. Thanks, is there any way to be sure my activation key will still be usable after that ? And not considered lock on the other installation
  5. Hi, Is there somebody to help ? The error keeps happening
  6. I think that should be it : I couldn't upload it directly though so here is a link to the archive in my google drive.
  7. Hi, so i keep getting the general compiler error since i reinstalled my computer and bought a new smart security license key for it. I cleared the update cache and restarted the computer but i keep getting it. Is there anything i can do ? Thanks in advance.
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