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  1. Ok damn.. I feel dumb now.. I saw that gear icon when starting a user defined scan, but didn't when creating a scheduled one... I'm sorry for wasting your time. Thank you very much.
  2. Hello fellow brains, Is it somehow possible / feasible to schedule an On-Demand scan that also shuts down the PC after it is complete? I know it's doable for manual scans, but when creating a scheduled scan in Tools, there's no option to enable that. If I create a second schedule that does the shutdown, it'll execute once the time triggers even when the scan is still running. I've found that I could possibly use the command line version (ecls.exe) to scan and shutdown afterwards, but that doesn't seem to create log entries within the ESET UI nor does the tray icon display a runnin scan. Is there a trick I'm missing? Or can I trigger a scheduled task through Batch / PowerShell and wait for it to complete?
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