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  1. Can anyone confirm - is the 'Full scan' shown above the same as an 'In-Depth' scan?
  2. This is the output of my script - is the 'Full scan' shown the same as an 'In-Depth' scan? Scheduled tasks ============================================================================================================== ============================================================================================================== ============================================================================================================== ====================================================================== ID Active Name Task -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Enabled Log maintenance Log maintenance 2 Enabled Regular automatic update Update 3 Enabled Automatic update after dial-up connection Update 4 Disabled Automatic update after user logon Update 5 Enabled Automatic startup file check System startup file check 6 Enabled Automatic startup file check System startup file check 7 Disabled Automatic first scan First-scan 8 Enabled Full Scan On-demand computer scan 9 Enabled Sam Test Scan On-demand computer scan ============================================================================================================== ============================================================================================================== ============================================================================================================== ======================================================================
  3. I've been looking in ESET File Security but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for there..
  4. Hi there, I've written some basic powershell/eshell script which queries the scheduled tasks to show the scheduled scans but this doesn't specifically show if those scans are in-depth or not: $password = "" $taskId = "" cmd.exe /c "eshell set password plain $password ""&"" select scheduler task $taskId ""&"" scheduler name ""&"" scheduler parameters scan profile" Do you know of a simpler way to show specifically if an In-Depth scan is scheduled? Thanks Sam
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