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  1. eset protct server ip is logs collection from these are 2 different machines.
  2. my eset server ip is, using same package configure 58 clients but suddenly its stopped working. even the clients which are not appearing updating through server regularly using eset protect.
  3. ESET PROTECT no updating recently added clients in its list. on business account showing activated devices 84 but in eset protect showing 62. how can i fix this issue?
  4. my server have more then 90 clients but appearing only 56 , i found Static Group synchronization failed. what could be the issue please advise?
  5. yes i was checking and find the option. thanks for your support. thanks alot.
  6. is there any way i can found their details if not can i cancel their registration?
  7. yes correct license registered to my manager email , public id is 33B-24R-7MB.
  8. in business account activated devices are 65 in total but when checking license showing 88 used. why this difference is appearing?
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