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  1. Perfect that is what i have been doing. I cant find the setting here in my policy to enable it am i in the right place ? Also it is possible that the design glitch is confusing me as that is where i first say that it was 'not enabled' for a clinet.
  2. Hello, I follow you now and i have made a policy which is all the options that i want to have enabled which is cool ! The only thing is i have to enable EDTD on each machine manually, the policy doesnt seem to do this which is odd ?
  3. FYI if its useful im on the demo. Ideally we are going to go for the 'Advanced Protect' Licences https://www.eset.com/int/business/solutions/endpoint-protection/#purchase A
  4. Sorry basic question here. When im creating an installer it only lets me select one configuration option. Surely you need to be able to create multiple here so you can enable device control, antivirus and dynamic threat defence all at the same time ? Thanks thanks thanks.
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