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  1. Four days later and still no response!! No wonder why people search online for activation keys! It's due to your lack of professionalism and unreliability to support your customers!!
  2. Once again the same thing happened yesterday! I copied the link and send it to a coworker, he got his one month licence but my pc licence didn't renew itself. I don't even know who is my local ESET distributor to contact. Last time, the licence got renewer by itself after rebooting. This time though nothing happened! What should I do?
  3. Greetings. I tried today to use the refer a friend option. I copied the link and send it to my girlfriend. i downloaded and installed eset in her pc, her licence was activated for 60 days but my licence didn't update as expected. It says that it will expire in 3 days! What is going on? I have renewed my licence only once so far
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