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  1. I am creating it through the configuration editor by clicking Tools > ESET Configuration Editor on the Remote Administrator.
  2. In this attachment you can see that I've created the Scheduled task for the Regular automatic update but under Module it says Mail server In this attachment I've left my Regular automatic update that I created and added the one that gets created when clicking the Default button and selecting Regular automatic update. Doing it this way allows me to get to the Special Settings window which I didn't get when doing it the first way. Here is the screen shot for the Special Settings window that popped up when creating the Regular automatic update Scheduled Task using the Default button. As you can see it only lists Current Profile and My Profile and not the secondary profile I created for retrieving updates through the internet which you will see in next couple of screenshots. The next 2 screen shots are of the update profiles that I've created in both the policy that gets pushed to my workstations and in the initial config that gets used when installing the client.
  3. I must be blind but I can't find a way to add images to a post. I've tried clicking on the 'My Media' button but nothing shows up there for me to add any images. As far as creating the second profile first, the second profile was created long before I tried setting the clients up to update this way. When I asked my rep about setting it up he only told me I needed to create a second profile and not that I needed to go through these extra steps to get it to actually work that way. In his defense though, he might not have known any better.
  4. Hello, I'm trying to set up a dual profile configuration as per the instructions here. I've got both profiles set up properly so far as I can tell. When I get to part 2 of the instructions (Activate the new profile) everything goes smoothly until step 9. I never get a Special Settings window like seen. It just completes the setup and takes me back to the Scheduled tasks window. One thing I noticed in the Scheduled tasks window is that it's saying the module is Mail server instead of Update. I think this is why it won't let me see that Special settings window. I tried setting up the default Regular automatic update scheduled task but it's not seeing my second profile I created. Any ideas as to why this might be happening? Thanks, Kyle.
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