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  1. Hey Michalj, Is there a vote somewhere where I could +1 for the feature? BR, Gintaras
  2. Hello Marcos, It was a comparison. How do you suggest me as a business client deny or allow access for android devices to spefic sites? Best regards, Gintaras
  3. Hello, How can I filter web access to specific sites for android devices same as I can do for my endpoints? If it is not possible, that is a bit odd, that parent control has this feature and business product does not Best regards, Gintartas
  4. Hello Marcos, Is there a threat name that work for: "Blocked applications not uninstalled from the device" Else this is a bit drastic to ignore all the threats. Best regards, Gintaras
  5. Hello, How do I mute a single alert. Is there a simple solution that I could toggle such as "mute this specific alert" for android devices. Cant find how to do it on ESET Protect console. Cant find how to do it in policies. Applications such as: Options, Google play stuff, maps, photos, YouTube Music and others, phone, calendar and others. I would like to block the usage of these app in my case, but I would not like to uninstall those apps, that is a bit to much, and that is why i get the alert. Also I would not like to mute the whole device. Best regards, Gintaras
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