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  1. Mmmm, I understand your point of view, I will not refute what you say, the truth is that it is a fairly valid opinion, the truth is that I think I lack a lot of experience and meticulously identify things beyond aesthetics, however It is a shame according to my way of thinking the truth, I am afraid that I will continue to wait without losing my position that it is a good decision, I disagree but not entirely the truth, a greeting, take care the speed of the response was great. PS: Translated with google translate
  2. Hello good I hope you are very well, I would like to post a suggestion and it is only regarding the appearance of the antivirus in general, honestly I go blind or burn my eyes when I enter the antivirus, a good suggestion is the implementation of the dark mode. I think that up to this point this antivirus has a great prestige in my region of the world, making clear my little knowledge about the world of computing but I think that its overcrowding also consists of providing certain comforts for the user and the dark mode could be a good step to start, I think that the creators already have enough to keep the platform well updated in the face of various threats that are daily circulating on the network, but in my opinion the implementation that I suggest would give a better visual flavor that would maintain the aesthetics along with the ecosystem of the PC, it would be great if they implemented it, only that is what I have to do for now, later I will leave more comments that contribute to the community that although they seem very small can help the comfort of those who use their antivirus and stay tuned. margin of the present time since in my opinion it is part of the modernization. I wish you the best and a big hug. Best regards
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