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  1. Yes, I enable notification on specific ones; the ones that I receive from the other laptops from the share house. As you can see in the above pic. Now I do not need to pause it because it works fine but I'll try when I will get this notifications again. Is not happening always, just when my internet is very slow or don't have speed at all but still connected as I think, when I get my IP blocked.
  2. But at some point I was getting messages about rules that blocks.. and also I can add rules in ESET as much as I see.. Anyway thank you for your answer. Can you tell me why I am getting this messages please ?Also when I get this my internet speed is not even 1 MB. Now I don't get any warnings but my internet works perfect.
  3. Hello. I kind of get annoyed about this. I am living in a share house, I strongly think that someone from the house is blocking my internet. Before I tried to renew my IP address always but now I installed ESET. He also has ESET, I ask him nicely and does not want to say. He said he didn't lock my IP but I don't believe him. After I installed ESET I get this warnings. Can some one tell me please if he used ESET or anything else to block my IP or why I get this Warnings ?
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