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  1. I unchecked diagnostics and now the file size is about 5MB(without computer scan logs) but the generated archive is corrupted and Eset Log Collector gives me a message that logs have been collected, but there are some warnings and the details can be found in logs...Where can i find this logs?
  2. Unfortunately, i can't, because it's too big. Without Eset computer scan logs it's size is 5,52GB and with it almost 8GB. Upload would take forever on my Lte network. Is it normal that the logs are so big?
  3. But it doesn't! It just show the same window as on the screenshot - the same window opens second time. I'd like to see that 16 threats which Eset found and delete them. I tried even EsetLogCollector and cmd but it gives me a file with empty template only.
  4. I wil probably have to reinstall my Windows, but i want to give it one more chance and ran custom scan. It took over 8(!) hours and found 16 threats, but i'm unable to see any details.. Double click or right mouse button click and choose "show" option shows only copy of the window visible on a screenshot below. Export all option saves only scanned folders and nothing more. How can i access the details from the computer scan log?
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