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  1. I am using the touchpad. PS/2 mice and ports haven't been built into laptops for many years. This is a CPU usage issue. Also remember the problem goes away when Nod32 is removed from the system.
  2. Here's what I observed 1.) A browser restart is necessary to make sure the changes are applied. 2.) Putting chrome as ignored under the SSL/TLS filtered applications instead of in protocol filtering behaved a lot better than having everything enabled, the lag spikes were at the end of the test instead of throughout. 3.) Putting chrome.exe in the protocol filtered applications still gave best performance The lag spikes are system wide, my testing procedure includes moving the mouse in a circle throughout the speed test when it lag spikes the mouse cursor stops moving and
  3. After thing that fixes the CPU spike/speed slowdown (beyond removing NOD32) is adding the Chrome .exe to the "Excluded applications" area of Advanced Setup->Web and Email->Protocol Filtering section.
  4. Same, I was just relaying I tried with all extensions disabled through incognito mode and the problem still occurs through the speedtest.net website on both FireFox and Chrome. I also noticed before I rebooted to try with HIPS off the eset ekrn.exe process was taking over a gigabyte of memory, looked like a memory leak. But memory usage on that process seems to be fine all day today after the reboot even with HIPS re-enabled.
  5. Thanks, just sent a PM with a download link to the requested logs. I've had this issue across several laptops across many eset versions. If the logs don't show anything illuminating I can uninstall and see what effect that has, but it might be a day or two as I already spent the entire weekend on this.
  6. I see the speed problem in both FireFox and Chrome (private mode or regular), but strangely enough not through the Speedtest windows store application. I tried screen recording the issue with Web access protection on and off and while screen recording it was still not where it should be. I had to turn off screen recording and web access protection to get full speed with CPU spike still being high. This leads me to believe web access protection was just adding the cpu pegging problem rather than being fully responsible for it. High speed browser traffic even with all Eset services turned off ma
  7. Operating System: Windows 10 64bit Memory: Systems with 32GB and 16GB Eset Anti Virus Version: Spanning back several years to current latest version I've had this problem for a very long time and have tried to diagnose it on and off across several years/computers/dongles. Have finally determined Eset Antivirus is the culprit. I could never figure out why doing a speed test on speedtest.net would cause my mouse cursor/system to lag during the test, and the download result was never what it should have been in Chrome. I recently got 1200 megabits down Internet service which
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