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  1. We seem to have the same issue. Yep. It's annoying when I've filled both keys, but other users still can use it (as seen from previous examples).
  2. Yep, I just changed it too. Time to observe for the next few weeks, I guess.
  3. This is an interesting take. Wouldn't this mean you're going in blind and assuming nobody else it using it? It does seem counterintuitive if having a myESET account is what led to the leaks, but it's also a possibility. I didn't even have one until recently (last month?), and it's when I saw the other users; so I assumed they were using the key prior to my creation of a myESET account. However, I have time to check if—indeed—the myESET account is what causes the leaks given that my key has just been reset.
  4. Yeah, I thought this was obvious. I just finished a Live Chat, and I had my key reset. I'm going to observe if other people get it again somehow. This doesn't really resolve my issue because the keys distribution seems to be flawed if what we assume (re-allocation of deactivated stuff, generators, etc.) is true. Add MFA too!
  5. Yep. I've checked all what I could check in myESET, and I saw that before. It's the Chrome browser that gave it away.
  6. I've used https://haveibeenpwned.com/ before, and I have changed the password since then. Again, my passwords are usually 180+ bits in quality (which is like 30+ characters). My email, the password for this forum, and myESET are all different.
  7. I have not seen the post because I've been trying to report it several times since I noticed it, but I haven't had any reply to any of it. It was recommended to me to ask over here. The purchase was directly from the ESET website. I always check for the proper URL whenever I purchase things online.
  8. That's my point exactly. I have paid LCs, but other people are using it. You've seen TWO extra users in your screenshot above, and look at how many there are now when I just checked. I am not blurring out their computers because they are not mine, and I'd like to know a better solution other than constantly checking and removing them over myESET. It's a stop-gap solution, and it's not efficient.
  9. I purchased my license key about 6 months ago, and I just recently (two weeks ago or so) had the inkling to check my account online. To my surprise, there have been 30+ other people that have used it. I do not know these devices, so I had to manually remove them. How does one remedy this potential leak? For my part, I think my accounts have been secure. Emails all have MFAs. Password quality on everything is usually 180+ bits. The device I'm using the key on is routinely cleaned, and I am always careful re: phishing, malware, etc. I have never shared my key to a
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