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  1. Main Issues... Need to Reproduce (in version 6.5.432.1): If a user experiences an 'Undocumented serious error', the error code is shown on the desktop notification, but isn't shown in the Event Log, instead showing (${ErrorCode}). Fix In Progress (discovered in version 6.5.432.1): Custom installation options are being ignored on fresh installs, such as the Detection of Potentially unwanted programs. Expected behaviour is for the installer options to be applied to the program. Any further uninstalls and reinstalls work as expected. Fix In Progress (discovered in version 6.5.432.1): Time Machine local snapshots are being detected by ESET as a 'New device' and is prompting the user to Scan them. Expected behaviour is to allow Time Machine to automatically back up normally without user intervention and not treat the local snapshots as new devices. Fixed (in version 6.5.600.1, verified on macOS High Sierra): ESET prompts to Allow the kext extension a second time before it can launch, after already allowing it in System Preferences during installation and restarting macOS High Sierra once. Expected behaviour is to launch successfully after allowing the kext and restarting macOS once. Fixed (tested in version 6.5.432.1, verified on macOS High Sierra): Users are experiencing a "Cannot connect to /tmp/esets.sock: Connect refused" popup error unexpectedly (happens to me but in background). Fixed (in version, verified on macOS Sierra): Occasional major crash with the following happening in order within 3 or 4 seconds: daemon closing connection, esets.sock error, esets_mac crash, esets_proxy crash, then 'broken pipe' error. Fixed (in version, verified on macOS Sierra): Interactive Firewall isn't prompting to allow or deny all connections, some are automatically denied for an unknown reason. The prompt window itself also no longer remains in front of all windows, and the window isn't visible in Mission Control. Fixed (in version, verified on macOS Sierra): Parental Control is blocking domains set in the 'allowed' section for the user. Shows in the log that it recognises the exception, but the Category block still overrides it for an unknown reason. Fixed (in version, verified on macOS Sierra): New 'executing shell command' error in the logs trying to launch esets_pfw and failing, resulting in OS X freezing for 60 seconds or so. Similar/same freeze to the esets_daemon issue below. Fixed (in version, verified on macOS Sierra): Often esets_daemon freezes OS X completely for about one minute before a number of other issues occur, such as esets_proxy no longer functioning, module errors, and more. (New release uses a different way to show this in the log, beginning with 'Daemon closed connection')
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