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  1. As the snapshoot shows, IP sent lots of TCP SYN (snooping) packages to my computer, EIS detected and blocked them, I was using Wireshark to capture the packets, but EIS reply lots of packets such as TCP, UDP(SSDP) and the user-agent was Eset UPnp/1.1, By the way, I have been disable and stop the SSDP service, my router also disable the UPnP function. It looks like this: Someone attack me, and I speak loudly:"Hey, Look this way, I'm here!!!" I couldn't understand.
  2. Hello, I found some features of ESET Internet Security disappear in version In Advanced Setup -> Network attack protection -> Intrusion detection, "DNS Poisoning attack detection" disappear. In "Packet inspection", "Check TCP connection status", "Maintain inactive TCP connections", "TCP protocol overload detection", "ICMP protocol message checking", "Covert data in ICMP protocol detection" diasppear.
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