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  1. We are the gamers and we know what we want, we are very confident PC users and really appreciate customization options. And you keep telling us that we don't need it or we don't know how to use software.
  2. Hello, genius! I am using gaming mode when playing games! And yes, it have very nice features like no pop-ups, disabling updates and lowers CPU usage. I need to go thru all menus just to check if it enabled itself by launching fullscreen application. And it's not always working, and I need to check it by myself, and sometimes we (gamers) play in windowed mode. Gamer mode is also very useful for streaming and you also need to turn it on manually. You have access to data users kindly share with you by marking it in the options. Do a research and look up how often people enabling it manually. Do
  3. So I guess they ignoring us again. You know what, guys? Auto game mode not getting triggered by only game I play. And yes, its online and I have very weak PC.
  4. There's a ton of messages about that. Auto game mode is not a an option for everyone. There is a lot of situations when games are played in windowed mode. There also a post about game mode getting triggered by browser full screen videos. I will tell this one more time: gamer ASKING you to ADD this OPTION, FOR YEARS. You made that feature with a specific purpose and when targeted audience asking you to improve that you tell us that we don't need it and its need a LOT of research. Just add hotkey option, what's wrong with you...
  5. Here we go again. Why are you resisting for years just add simple option/hotkey? Every time when post like this appears you try to explain us why we don't need it. Is it that hard? It's probably a few lines of code...
  6. So guys. It's been a year since it was posted before by other user. And that topic is archived. So can we hope you will add the hotkey and a menu option in tray menu? It's really irritating to go thru the menu millions of times. Yes it have an option to auto run it when fullscreen application is launched, but it's cant statisfy everyone, there are literally the millions of different situations. So you just basically making us to click 9 times just for enable/disable game mode cycle. Not really gamer approach. Adding that option in pop-up menu in tray could shorten the circle just to 4 clicks (
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