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  1. Dear Kieran, Thank you for your information. Regards, Simon
  2. Dear Kstainto, This is the big problem in our big environment (University), we can use the Kingston USB Drive with hardware encryption and open the PDF file succsesfully. Please help to invite your develop team to fix the problem, and we feel very disappointed of the product. Thank you for your help, Simon
  3. Dear ESET , We have two thousand of the PC are using your product, hopefully to fix the problem of Eset endpoint Encryption.
  4. Hi ,Tobias, sure, we can open any pdf file in the PC, example: Desktop , My Documents. This is the problem of the ESET.
  5. Dear Sir/ Madam, The PDF file can not open properly in "Encrypted" USB drive? Please help to fix the problem, thank you. Best Regards, Simon
  6. Dear All, Can Eset Endpoint Encryption install in Reborn PC? Reborn program : OS Easy OS: Windows 10 64bit Enterprise ( Educational) Thank you. Regards, Simon
  7. Hi, Kieran, That means not support over 4GB? Right? File Encryption (.dlp files*) Maximum size of 3.99 GB
  8. hi Kstainton , i find that i can put over 3.99GB file in Encrypted "DLP to go" . Please help to confirm the case. Thank you.
  9. Dear Sir/ Madam, The Eset Endpoint Encryption has any file Type and File Size of Limitation? Thank you.
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