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  1. Sorry, I forgot to tell you that other servers on the network can communicate with this same ESMC server with no problem.
  2. Agent is installed on the ESMC server howver it could not connect to it ! Status.html give the following errors. Kindly help me solve this issue Status log Scope Time Text Dynamic groups 2021-Apr-10 15:56:40 Device is not member of any dynamic group Last authentication 2021-Apr-10 15:59:00 Enrollment failed with error: Request: Era.Common.Services.Authentication.RPCEnrollmentRequest on connection: host: "" port: 2222 with proxy set as: Proxy: Connection: :3128, Credentials: Name: , Password: ******, Enabled:0, EnabledFallback:1, failed with error code: 14, error message: Connect Failed, and error details: Last replication 2021-Apr-10 15:58:52 ERROR: InitializeConnection: Initiating replication connection to 'host: "" port: 2222' failed with: GetAuthenticationSessionToken: Failed to fetch device session token in time Replication details: [Task: CReplicationConsistencyTask, Scenario: Automatic replication (REGULAR), Connection:, Connection established: false, Replication inconsistency detected: false, Server busy state detected: false, Realm change detected: false, Realm uuid: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000, Sent logs: 0, Cached static objects: 0, Cached static object groups: 0, Static objects to save: 0, Static objects to delete: 0, Modified static objects: 0] All replication attempts: 26 Peer certificate 2021-Apr-10 15:25:46 Error Agent peer certificate with subject 'CN=Agent at *' issued by 'CN=Server Certification Authority' with serial number '016851b12f9dc042d6a67557b753a3bb8501' is invalid now (NodVerifyTrustResult: 42, NVT_NotTrusted, X509ChainStatus: 0x10000, X509CSF_PartialChain) Peer certificate may be valid but can not be verified on this machine Check time validity and presence of issuing certification authority Policies 2021-Apr-10 15:25:46 Device has no policies assigned Product 2021-Apr-10 15:25:40 Product install configuration: Product type: Agent Product version: 7.2.1266.0 Product locale: en_US Replication security 2021-Apr-10 15:59:00 Error: NodVerifyCertificateChain failed: NodVerifyTrustResult: 42, NVT_NotTrusted, X509ChainStatus: 0x10000, X509CSF_PartialChain, certificate: [Subject='CN=Server at *', Issuer='CN=Server Certification Authority', NotBefore=2015-Dec-29 00:00:00, NotAfter:2025-Dec-26 00:00:00, Serial=01b4c9426319ea408db6c34e19ef45279a01, SHA256=a447b37a92ec6060705b971ce706f5ebdf8eb388a57098dd0bfd462a3d63b4b1, SubjectKeyIdentifier=3bebb9384b053e6e2568458a82acd619b303f1fb, AuthorityKeyIdentifier=218df48d069530feb2186443895185822ff66624] Remote host: Remote machine certificate is not trusted because signing certificates (CAs) are not trusted or found in system/agent database Check if signing certificate authority was used during installation of agent or installed in system Best Regards Ali
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