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  1. Ok, new try.. had the same issue today. Didn't clean anything on my computer in the meantime, so should have all the info needed... eis_logs.zip
  2. Just made sure the "General product diagnostics logs", "ECP diagnostics logs" are checked. The "local cache database" isn't. If they are still not included.. let me know. I'll have to see if it can be included next time (and I'll make sure not to clean any logs on my machine in the meantime). eis_logs.zip
  3. Just had it again (after a few days).. no video, but do have a log.
  4. All Esets were installed with default settings.. (don't even know where to set the pre-release updates...)
  5. I've enabled the advanced logging. However, aside from that.. I guess I would have to check tomorrow and see if it isn't updating correctly then. It's the auto-update that's having the issue, not manual update..
  6. Windows 10 user, using ESET for several years now. Issue: Every few days the auto update just seems to hang.. It goes on and on and on without really doing anything (plus it takes up resources). I usually just go to ESET's screen, cancel the update, then run it.. and it runs fine then. Nice and all.. but I cannot really recommend ESET to a big company (that I work for), due to the fact that it often isn't able to update itself. Am I missing something?? (My wife also has it on her computer.. and when I go on that computer every once in a blue moon, I see that the version is even a wee
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