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  1. Hello. I'm a little embarrassed and blushed. I did not have in mind any way compromise the program ESET. I was wondering how to implement only the interface, as I am a beginner developer and would like to create my application interface. I apologize if somehow hurt.
  2. Hi) Nice to meet you too. I'm still waiting answers from ESET software engineers..
  3. Hello developers. I'm 26 years old and I am a young programmer. I use ESET Smart Security (in the past Antivirus) for a long time. It's a wonderful and one othe best product (or may be - best))). I have a question about realization pop-up notifications on desktop in Windows XP/7/8 (right now interesting in Windows XP and 7). How notifications are created? In what language? Where i can read example. hxxp://s020.radikal.ru/i713/1406/7c/9ce6caa4395f.jpg Thank's for your answers.
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