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  1. Yes, I am talking about the ! in the menu bar and the "Firewall !" icon. To start out we just want to activate AV on the Macs. (Going from no security on them at the moment.) I know there is an option to not install the Firewall/Network module when installing Endpoint Security. If I go the route of not installing the Firewall/Network module now, is there way to install that module later? Or would that require a complete uninstall/install of Endpoint Security. Having the "!" in the menu bar is not going to fly. If I can hide the "!" and disable the firewall, that would be best, so I can just en
  2. With ESET Endpoint Security v6 on OS X, is there a way to disable the Firewall alert on the client through ERAS? I see where the option is on the client. I also see where the option is on ERAS, but it says it's for Windows only. I want to initially role out EES for our Macs with no firewall. I have a policy that turns the firewall off, but there is an alert on the EES icon in the menu bar.
  3. Does ESET authenticate at periodic intervals throughout the day? I get notifications around once an hour. Does disabling firewall notifications disable any notifications that would take place if a virus were detected?
  4. Correct I have the Onsite zone for Authentication and then apply that to a firewall profile. I only want the firewall rule to apply when it is on our network (Onsite). Did I not set this correctly? See attached screenshot.
  5. I only have one firewall profile set on the Remote Administrator. It is attached in the screenshot (eraszones.png), and I only have it verifying against DNS servers, and the domain. I did notice on the client side it has a separate listing for DNS and it shows IPV6 (clientzones.png). Could that be causing the notifications for the profile change?
  6. I keep on having a notification popup on clients. It says the firewall profile modified, see attached screenshot. I don't understand what is causing this. What could be causing it to keep popping up every 5 or so minutes? It is a test group that I have and have authentication networks activated. Currently it is set to verify the domain and DNS servers. It shows on Win8 and Win7 clients. I am using Endpoint Security 5 with ESET Remote Administrator. I have display only notifications that require user interaction enabled, and verbosity is set to informative. I can't sem to find where I can contr
  7. I am testing the web control for ESET Endpoint Security. I have it working, but is there a way to add a message to it. We have network filtering that tells the user to submit a helpdesk ticket if the website is needed for business purposes. Is there a way to do this in Web Control? Thanks!
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