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  1. Planet, thank you for the links and the additional details and suggestions. I appreciate that you take the time to do this for, not only me, but for others that may also be following this thread. Also, Arakasi, thank you as well. (I am a Windows user by 'birth'; but I am now enjoying learning and using Mac OS X).
  2. Hi Arakasi, Thanks for the rapid response. Have you actually applied the new code in this fashion? Or is this what you think from past experience? I am new to MAC OS X and so I want to be as certain as possible before I mess around with anti-virus code and -- especially beta code?
  3. Planet, (Arakais, SweX) I need your expertise. I see that you have received and installed the beta code. I also contacted Peter and he provided the above referenced beta release. This is a beta 'fix' which has not passed ESET QA and therefore involves some risk. However, I am willing to try the release (as I just had the process crash 2 times within 2 minutes - after days of no crash, and by the way -- I was using the 64-bit Firefox browser). The assistance I request is: How do I install this fix? Do I simply drag my current ESET Security Cyber Pro app ( icon from my A
  4. So here is the dump from my friends MAC Book Pro (10.6.8): Interval Since Last Panic Report: 60428 sec Panics Since Last Report: 1 Anonymous UUID: 2BB85C91-8806-4960-A974-E6FA74A4A506 Wed Jul 9 12:21:18 2014 Panic(CPU 0): NMIPI for spinlock acquisition timeout, spinlock: 0x8737904, spinlock owner: 0x91d63d4, current_thread: 0x91d63d4, spinlock_owner_cpu: 0x0 EAX: 0x08737900, EBX: 0x0942a510, ECX: 0x08739878, EDX: 0x0000000d CR2: 0x5307c000, EBP: 0x01213de8, ESI: 0x08737900, EDI: 0x00000000 EFL: 0x00000202, EIP: 0x00479cb2, CS: 0x00000008, DS: 0x012
  5. ESET Cyber Security Pro Mac OS X 10.9.4 (13E28) (64-bit) Macbook Pro i7-4960HQ I have the same kernel panic error. This is a brand new MacBook (4 days old). OSX fully updated and ESET was the first 3rd-party software installed. Facts: I use Chrome (not Safari) Occurred yesterday night I suggested that a neighbour use ESET on his Mac (do not have system info) We installed the latest ESET 5 days ago He has had the error each day for the last 4 days straight. Both of us, accepted the option to send the error report to Apple THEREFORE - ESET should be able to cont
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