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  1. Thanks @Rincewind I found that document online yesterday and I have proceeded to use the PPPC in the article. I just need to remove ESET from my device and apply the PPPC to see if its works. When i deployed the PPPC i created and I got the prompt for Full Disk Access, I clicked on restart and never got the prompt again, which made me believe it was created correctly. I will update this post once I confirm the Preconfigured PPPC from the link works or not
  2. Thanks @Rincewind I have looked online and checked various websites to see if there is a way to configure this for MDM deployment. All we are trying to achieve is a web content filter MDM configuration for 3rd party apps but I cannot find it for ESET and I know its definitely configurable, as I have this configured for Sophos and Avast.
  3. Hi guys, Can anyone help me? We use Addigy to manage macOS devices and I have granted full disk access and access to protected files. The PPPC is pushed to devices before ESET install but after ESET is installed the end-users are still getting asked for FDA. The notification is stating: ESET Endpoint Security and ESET Real-time file system protection. I have already approved this using this settings: ESET Endpoint Antivirus: Identifier: com.eset.eea.6 Identifier Type: Bundle ID Code Requirement: identifier "com.eset.eea.6" and anchor apple generic and c
  4. Can someone assist me please? I am trying to automate the approval of ESET Endpoint Security and Antivirus Proxy Configuration pop-up on Big Sur using JAMF\Addigy I won't want my end-users clicking 'Don't Allow' as this can cause a problems and most of the end users.
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