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  1. HI Thomas, Thanks for your support, i have add line "expire_logs_days = 4" in File My.ini, now the old BIN files have been deleted.
  2. Hi Thomas, Thanks for response, about BIN files, we are not using replication, the installation was performed by default, now the purge is necessary otherwise if we deploy EEi Agent on all machines, we will have the hard drive full.
  3. Hi Marcos, thanks for response, In the server configuration we have reduced the clean events and clean detection to durations of 1 week and 1 month, for the NUMBER OF THREADS WRITING TO DATABASE we left it as is and we would like to know what it is, also for STORED IN THE DATABASE EVENTS, we have unchecked the file system box in the hope of reducing space consumption. On the 487 machines we have available, we have deployed the EEI on 42 machines, because previously, following the deployment of the EEI on all the machines, we had a hard disk saturation problem (1Tb) after one week . For the database it is hosted on the same server, it is a MySQL database. For the server configuration it is a physical server windows server 2016 Ram 16 GB, processor intel xeon x3450 core 4 thread 8. About the number of detection we will not be able to know since we are deploying as and when.
  4. Hi, after installing the EEI I noticed that the DATA of mysql server 8.0 generates BIN files with a maximum size of 1048578 kb and its increasing exponentially, so I would like to know if there has a way to purge the given base or it is done automatically if there is a way to reduce the purge time. Thanks,
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