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  1. As it is working fine now, we can close this. Thank you so much Marcos, really appreciated your quick reply.
  2. I just contacted them minutes ago and they are saying that there was no problem in their side and need to contact with ESET. Now I'm confused.
  3. May I know how and why SSL certificate got revoked? We renew that SSL certificates of these website on September 4,2021 and it is working fine after the renew. Just today when i visited the websites, this error comes up. Now i have created and installed a new certificate. It is working fine now but I'm afraid it might get revoked again. Any advise?
  4. Hi, We are facing an issue with some clients who uses Eset Antivirus and try to access to our website. They are getting a Website certificate is revoked message. We just renew our certificate and is valid until Aug 05, 2022 I attach the error images The site is: https://www.almufaddalboiler.com Please help and advise. Regards!
  5. Hi. Thanks. It seems to be working fine now. No Eset notifications regarding nexus.officeapps.live.com since the import of the Fortigate root certificate to clients' trusted root CA cert. store.
  6. So what is the solution for this? Is there anything we can do to remove the ESET pop up everytime we open MS Office?
  7. Sometimes not only nexus.officeapps.live.com but also odc.officeapps.live.com and nexusrules.officeapps.live.com too.
  8. Hi. I've followed your procedures. Please check generated archive from ESET Log Collector. eav_logs.zip
  9. Hi, Whenever I open office application such as word, excel, powerpoint, etc. Eset showing notification "the certificate of this server (nexus.officeapps.live.com) has been marked by as untrustworthy and the connection is not safe. Is this virus? i google this url by it seems it is under microsoft.
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