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  1. Ok. I finally figurę it out. Had to wipe my entire disc. It was a bug or malware in my usb WiFi adapter drivers. I had them on my Hard disc. When I was trying to install drivers my bugged exe file was named athurx and appaerently it was doing something with my DNS server, because each time I was downloading newer/other version I was downloading exact same athurx file in zip archive. This time when i wiped entire disc I went to my neighbour to download WiFi drivers, and I dont know how, but he downloaded another zip archive, but with completely different files inside. Same TP link
  2. Yes, I set that, so the possible reason for my issue is lack of security in my local network? Still sometimes I get firewall notifications about 'system' or other service is trying to connect to ipv6 device (or address?) it starts with 'fe:". Correct me if I'm wrong but is ipv6 used in local networks? Should I block that? And if yes, how can i restrict access from every device in my local network? Is remote desktop access a thing here? Or some kind of web view bitstreaming like rtp or rstp? Through all those hours I spent educating myself about internet protocols and windows s
  3. Yes. And I asked my neighbour lately if he also is having any clues or suspicions and he said he doesn't use any firewall or antivirus software, he just formats everything twice a year after he notices anything unusual
  4. I share my flat and internet with my neighbours so I guess it's half public half private. I don't know if they have their end of wifi protected. I managed to record some odd stuff happening. https://mega.nz/folder/5iYwGL7C#2hLOe2HYm6qheB7V4xBGjg There is record of my wifi suddenly deciding to disable and enable few times. When I click on tcpip4 properties sometimes I have my gateway set as and sometimes it's blank. Another record shows that I had Cloudflare WARP app to keep my IP private. Yesterday I had notification that an update is available, I clicked
  5. They were named "unknown account S-1" + a number of random digits. Most concerning devices like WAN miniports, Microsoft kernel debug network adapter and Microsoft virtual hosted network adapter I already deleted. But before I deleted them I made this screenshot:
  6. Yes, I have ESET installed. I'm using external wifi network adapter, so maybe that's the reason, but what can I do to deny access and regain control? Not anymore. Yesterday I did another reinstall because each time I unplugged my Wifi adapter I kept getting bluescreens and when I tried to reinstall drivers I got message 'access denied'. I will try to capture some screenshots with those messages about restarting my PC when they happen or to record my screen with adapter reenabling. Also I already deleted microsoft network adapter and microsoft kernel network adapter, but here's th
  7. As I was writing this down I got security alert from windows. It turns out that my reputation-based protection was turned off. Never did this of course. There's a lot more small things happening for no reason, like my network adapter disabling and enabling multiple times within a minute - sometimes it happens right in front of me So I Can observe it.
  8. Hello I've been struggling lately with my PC changing IP addresses, installing new devices and updates by itself. Nothing helped. I was reinstalling different windows 10 and 7 versions and every single time after a while I could notice that in C drive win files unknown accounts were granted control privileges in security tab, I couldn't change some settings like airplane mode or night light. I was getting messages that changes were made to my system and I have to restart PC. To be honest I got really paranoid about this, but everyone was telling me that It's probably Microsoft
  9. Well, the firewall troubleshooting wizard deletes reports after 1 hour so I cannot find any more informations. About the trusted zone - I live in house shared between multiple people, which I dont know that well, so there is a lot of people sharing internet connection so the last thing I wanna do is to add my network into trusted zone. Sometimes I sew that I had established connection through 1900 upnp port, but I managed to block it through simplewall. Of course I get into consideration that I might just be a little paranoid about this, but I guess it's better safe than
  10. I couldnt find the 'reply' button in the topic. Yes, that unknown account was phantom account created by ESET certainly. But aside of that, isn't it suspicious that my network adapter received over 1,5 billion packets already within 44 hours? Since I created my topic I received 600 million packets while not even using my PC. It was just turned on. Also ESET blocked one of my apps in "Network protection troubleshooting" indicating that there were 46 attempted connections from IP. So does it mean that other PC in my LAN got a security threat issue or is trying to con
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