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  1. does it gave completly not compromised websites?! then you have to block all websites?! you write around the problem. i didnt write about one problem... please read all again to understand. the complete hnadling for every user is also the problem. when i would enter the website thet are blocks it is a low and aweful way to go, to see the website. that is the badest point and should be changed for people there are the users and have the and should be the control. one by one website to unblock or send out a link or write to it, that i would enter,
  2. Hello, it is time to write a big State ment and i hope that some people write into it and see it in same position. eset was good, but i very, very disappointed to correct to many. the point is the webiste blocks! to many good sites and safe site was on block list. i hope that there a team that lokks into it. i hope there comes a quick change, that i can unbloick the website that are blocked, direct quick and fast in that windows to unbloick it for one time or for every, wehn i mean it is safe and good!!! the point to go for every b
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