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  1. does it gave completly not compromised websites?! then you have to block all websites?! you write around the problem. i didnt write about one problem... please read all again to understand. the complete hnadling for every user is also the problem. when i would enter the website thet are blocks it is a low and aweful way to go, to see the website. that is the badest point and should be changed for people there are the users and have the and should be the control. one by one website to unblock or send out a link or write to it, that i would enter, was not user friendly! the suer must have the control and that on the easyiest way, direct not qith work around and go deeper in a a program. direct on webpage that re displayed website is blocked, unblock for one tim or unblock for ever to safe in program. why is it so hard to do? user firendly programs? blocking is easy, it stnading there and then!? i must go and enter these website and i know it is safe for me!? you goijng the wrong way! and when it not be user friendly i go too. other people do it right now and have go. and it isnt. and cant better. no discuss or write around. simple and fast, for every byself! or did eset have a problem to get the user the control and make it easier to control, to let now time getting away. to search how i do it to search very msut i go into the problem what must i put in for every page i would enter. there are a mass of website good and safe websites on your block website list. and then there is the point , when i dactivate the part of website security, it is marked as bad. ok, but that is the simple and only way to get it fast to enter the site. make it better and let the users simple and easy on this webiste block page change or get in unblock. user friendly. i dont put in a weblink one by one and sending out. it is my time! my free time or my work time, but not my work, that is your or our team part. it is not an attack on you, i will make it better, get feedback and you will get more better feedback and sell more when you change it to user friendly and show the new feature on market. simple, easy and fast. you know? thanks for your time and understanding.
  2. Hello, it is time to write a big State ment and i hope that some people write into it and see it in same position. eset was good, but i very, very disappointed to correct to many. the point is the webiste blocks! to many good sites and safe site was on block list. i hope that there a team that lokks into it. i hope there comes a quick change, that i can unbloick the website that are blocked, direct quick and fast in that windows to unbloick it for one time or for every, wehn i mean it is safe and good!!! the point to go for every blocked sitre into eset internet security and in settings and and and.... for every site. the mot block site are downloading sites for free download and downlaod sites.... but why? where did send this safe site and where put it on the block list?! where is the solution to send or an option to get this site blocked or from block lsit away when it is wroing? never?! i didnt see an option for it. and that is the point of my post! the the main dto get the block simple and fast of in the same or on the siame site where it stand that ist is blocked to unblock. whitout every go into eset program! that cost me alot of time every day and when there no quick solution a go away from eset. some friends did go for this already, because it sucks every day thanks to have an ear for it. i hope thet are be quick changes soon. I can't take it for a long time
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