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  1. Hello, many thanks for your comment. If the computer fails completely the software license may be reinstalled under the premise that the software is under support. Period of support is e.g. 2 years. Reinstallation is possible only during this period on a comparable windows vista environment. But if your software is out of support (after 2 years), the software may not be reinstalled any longer. Due to the fact that statistical software does not change its internal mathematical routines and procedures but only gets some minor impovements regarding graphical presentation facilities, you can use these software packages for many years. Your question, what to do when the computer fails, is to reinvest in a new version of the software. Nowadays most software providers sell their licenses only for a limited period of time (mostly one year) and give online access to their servers, where the software is installed, so that the described problems with older windows versions will be no major point of concern. Best regards, Stefan
  2. @Aryeh Goretsky Hello, I am also using Windows Vista on several computers due to the fact that special software is installed. For example statistical software (e.g. Minitab) whose license is binded to the hardware where the software has been installed. These software packages cannot be transferred to another computer because license conditions do not allow this. An update of the windows vista to 7 or higher will cause problems, because software (e.g. Minitab) developed for Vista will not work on Windows 7 or higher. Error messages or program shut downs occur. The reinvest costs for new software is in the range of appox. 2.000 Euros or more for the statistical software. So you probably can get an impression of why I need to maintain the older windows version. Consequently, I changed all my computers to Panda Dome antivirus software, because they support older windows versions with their current software and are not limited to the SHA-2 criterion. I have been used ESET Internet Security for many many years and was confirdent with the product. But for me it is not acceptable to make a fall back form Version 12 to the ESET Intenet Security version 9, which is working with older windows versions. I got this information from your ESET support info. I would appreciate your comment very much. Best regards, Stefan
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