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  1. The ”report” show result for 377 clients but “computer” show 388 clients.
  2. I have filter the “COMPUTER” and “REPORT” for the PC that installed ESET ENDPOINT SECURITY program and found the data mismatch. Could you please check why this occur. Thank you.
  3. I have run the task “Run Command” on ESMC that using “net use” command to map network drive on computer client, I can access the mapped drive but it has a red X symbol appear on the icon of mapped network drive. Could you tell me what is the cause of this. Thank you.
  4. My ESET file security doesn't have SSL filtering. efsw_logs.zip
  5. Thank you, I am doing, I'll tell you again.
  6. No matter how many times I scan, the trojan always re-appears. every single day, it reappears. Is there a way to permanently remove it ? efsw_logs.zip
  7. We use the Linux Openmediavault. Could you check the compatibility, we can install ESET on it or not. Thank you.
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