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  1. When I said "work" I just meant it said "success". The first few machines I tried it on didn't get that far. It didn't actually install the agent on anything. But I digress. The deployment tool would be nice if it worked, but what I REALLY want is command line options so I can run it from anything I want (batch/powershell, JumpCloud, etc)
  2. Guess you didn't read my entire post, this is exactly what happened!
  3. I got the deployment tool to work on a couple machines, but I never actually see the agent running on the client and they never show up in the cloud portal. I even ran one again. It says "Success" and the only thing I can do is click Finish. But there is no ESET process running and it's not in the portal.
  4. I'm evaluating ESET PROTECT Cloud. We do not have Active Directory. I am attempting to deploy silently to a few test machines. I have tried the Deployment Tool and it has not worked on any computer I've tried. I have epi_win_live_installer.exe on a public share and I have remote command prompt access to all machines. Is there a command line option to execute it silently?
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