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  1. Hello Marcos, Thank you for your swift reply Yes, you are right, it is not possible to clean the web site server from my side but how about the ESET to disconnect and/or delete the infected downloaded pictures, connections, ads, banners, etc. while browsing via Firefox automatically, without blocking the whole page? Think like an adblocker as uBlock Origin or Adblock Plus, they block only the unwanted content but not the whole website. I can do this manually while the settings are configured as "Always ask the end-user"; ESET loads the page, detects the threats and asks user
  2. Hello, I think the subject is explaining everything You may find the screenshots for the web site used as a subject for testing. First configuration: If I choose "Always remedy detection", "Remedy detection if safe, keep otherwise" or "Remedy detection if safe, ask otherwise" cleaning levels; Eset Internet Security blocks 1 threat, blocks the web site which is on the "List of allowed addresses" and I cannot enter the web site. You may check the First configuration Screenshot - 01. Second configuration: If I choose "A
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