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  1. TR support sent us a patch - not sure why they didn't give it to us earlier 😞 Thanks all for your help
  2. Unfortunately, completely disabling the Firewall also did not help. We've also found it happens on only 1 of 2 similarly configured machines that run the SW. It is the machine that has \\<machine_name>\ references to itself, which I wonder may be part of the issue. (the other machine has the same references, but they're to the aforementioned machine). We're going back to TR support.
  3. so we uninstalled ESET, and that didn't fix it - so we will look elsewhere now - thanks anyway 🙂
  4. Since it also hangs up every time she tries to print to FileCabinet (related App) it actually stalls her dozens of times a day. If its was just on opening a few apps once a day I wouldn't be posting 🙂
  5. I was hoping to to have to uninstall it to eliminate it as a possible cause (to the satisfaction of thomsonreuters support) but I guess I don't have a choice. What would reproducing the issue (or not) with EIS demonstrate? Thanks /j
  6. no, no VPN involved. it's an office-in-home - just a dumb switch and Verizon router (FiOS)
  7. Thank You. That was a good idea but unfortunately didn't work. I also tried some of the other Internet-related high-level turnoffs also to no effect :-(. Please let me know if you have any other thoughts. Also - can you tell me if there's an easy way to keep ESET from starting up at all during boot-time? I have some reason to believe that the ESET pause is a false-flag because it doesn't -always- fix things. It's possible that the problem is ESET, and the turn-off doesn't always stop everything, but it's also possible there's something else going on. I tried disabling the startup in Task Manager but it won't let me. Thanks again! /j
  8. My wife is a tax accountant using a number ThompsonReuters SW products. Whenever a program opens or accesses another program (stupidly frequently IMHO) it "phones home" to authenticate. Recently this has been taking 10 seconds, but 1 second with ESET paused. How do I troubleshoot or workaround this issue? Thanks! (Windows 10 Home, generic desktop PC, Otherwise clean, up-to-date, and running without issues).
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